2020 Virtual Festival

Competitions: Junior Soloist, High School Soloist, Collegiate Artist, Young Artist, Chamber Music


  • Junior Soloist Competition (up to grade 8)

  • High School Soloist Competition (grades 9-12)

  • Collegiate Artist Competition (undergraduates only)

  • Young Artist Competition (age 30 or younger as of March 21, 2020):

  • Chamber Music Competition (no age limit)


  • Collegiate Masterclass with Dr. Eva Amsler

  • High School Masterclass


Thank you to everyone who entered the competitions!

Congratulations to the Finalists and Masterclass Performers.

See you at our Virtual Festival!

2020 competition finalists
2020 masterclass participants

Our Virtual Flute Festival will go live on Monday, March 30, 2020 and can be accessed for a limited time at

Beginning March 30, those registered for the Festival will have exclusive access to presentations, performances, and plenty of additional online resources.  Our competitions will continue through uploaded performances and winners will be announced at that time as well.  You will also receive a pdf of our official program book, which lists participants, performances that can be viewed online, a history of FSK, and sponsors.

There's still time to register for this event!  Go here to fill out the online registration form. Registered FSK members will receive an email containing a password once the festival goes live so that you can access all the activities, workshops, and concerts that we have uploaded - exclusive to FSK Virtual Festival Attendees!  


The final round of competitions will proceed, but will be recorded instead of live.  To compete in the final round, you need to do the following:


  1. Make an AUDIO ONLY recording of your category's final round repertoire.  The recording should be unedited and saved as an MP3 file.  Performers in the Junior Soloist, High School Soloist, and Young Artist categories should perform without accompaniment and do not need to count extended rests.

  2. Share the MP3 file no later than March 20th at 11:59 PM on Google Drive with using the file naming convention Category_First_Last or, for the chamber category, Chamber_GroupName. For example:  Junior_Soloist_Ginny_Tutton.mp3


Winners will be announced no later than March 27th!  If you are awarded first place, you will have the opportunity to submit a video recording of you performing your final round repertoire to be included in our Virtual Festival!


If you would be interested in having your presentation or performance (audio or video) uploaded for our registered visitors to view (including pdf's of handouts), please send them to us via Google Drive with the email address, by March 27.  


Please note: Video files must be 1 GB or less.

All Performers and Presenters must register for the Virtual Festival in order to participate. 


  1. Join the Flute Society of Kentucky (membership is free).

  2. Register for the 2020 FSK Festival.

  3. Complete the Application Form and entry fee (due 12/20/19 for Competitions; due 1/15/20 for Masterclasses).

  4. Submit an unedited recording for the Preliminary Round (due 12/20/19 for Competitions; due 1/15/20 for Masterclasses). Upload your MP3 file into a Google Drive Folder labeled with your name and the competition (e.g. Jane Smith High School Masterclass). Share the folder with